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here, you'll find guidelines and current submission period

submissions guidelines

our second issue's theme is 'ghibli museum'. 

inspired by the latin translation of comfort, levatio was named for and after those who find comfort in reading. your work doesn’t need to have the ghibli movies' name or storyline, but the essence of any film is a must. your work must radiate warmth, comfort and solace. however, this is not limited to peaceful, happy works. the deadline is 30th April, 2022

while submitting to any of our issues, there are some guidelines to follow (they're easy, don't worry)


  • 1-3 poems- between 10-500 words. longer poems may be accepted, but this is what we mainly look for.

  • 2 fiction pieces- maximum 2000 words long.

  • 2 non-fiction pieces- 500 to 1000 words.

  • 3 art pieces. we usually select our cover art from the submitted ones

  • 2 letters to be between 300-1000 words.

  • * letters can be written to anyone you wish to. it just needs to follow the basic letter format. something you wish you'd said in a conversation that happened years ago, or want to say to someone. they can also just be your feelings and thoughts about a topic!

we offer feedback through Google Docs for $8. payment confirmation will be mailed after the submission.

if you want an editorial service before submitting, go here


put a tw (tr*gger warning) wherever required. we do not encourage submitting stuff that might be uncomfortable for others. we do not accept pieces that question or insult the existence of any person. if found guilty of submitting such a piece, we will not accept any piece from you in future.



Link to the form- 


we do not discourage art in any form just because of word limit.

response time is from 2 days- 2 weeks. i wish you the best of luck and look forward to read you beautiful piece!

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